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Workshop: Coaching Lean Leadership for Culture Transformation
In this program, join LeanCor and the Center for Quality People and Organizations (CQPO) as we address the top barriers to your lean transformation and what to do about them.

DATES:  October 22-23, 2018

VENUE:  LeanCor Corporate Headquarters 

ADDRESS: 7660 Turfway Road | Florence, KY 41042
Lean Fundamentals: Self-paced Online Course
New to lean or just need a refresher?  This course covers topics such as waste, stability, standardization, 5S, flow, quality at the source, visual management.
LENGTH:  90 minutes
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
Lean Leadership: Self-paced Online Course

Based on the book PEOPLE, this interactive course will provide the skills you need to build, manage and sustain a lean culture.

LENGTH:  16 hours of online course work
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
Lean Leadership: Blended (Online and Virtual) Course
Prepare your team to build a lean culture and drive real business results with this engaging application-based approach to learning.
DATE:  Contact us, to schedule your group
FORMAT:  Online + virtual coaching
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Supply Chain: Blended Certification Course June 2018
Learn to apply lean six sigma in a supply chain environment to increase customer value and generate measured business results.
June 18 - September 10 (12 Weeks)
FORMAT: Self-Paced Online Modules + Virtual Instructor-Led Coaching 
975.00 Early Bird Rate (ends May 1)
Español: Curso en línea Fundamentos de Lean
Español: Fundamentos de Lean (curso de internet tomado a su propio ritmo)
Aprenda los fundamentos y los principios de lean y cómo ver los desperdicios en su organización. 

Duración: 90 minutos
Estructura: curso de internet tomado a su propio ritmo
Fundamentos de Lean em linha auto-estimulados - Português
Novo para magra ou apenas precisa de uma atualização? Este curso aborda temas como o desperdício, estabilidade, padronização, 5S, fluxo, qualidade na fonte, gerenciamento visual.
COMPRIMENTO: 90 minutos
ESTRUTURA: Auto-passeado
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Online and Blended Learning - Perfect for Teams!