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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Supply Chain: Blended Certification Course Oct 2018
Learn to apply lean six sigma in a supply chain environment to increase customer value and generate measured business results.
Oct 8 - Jan 7 2019 (12 Weeks)
FORMAT: Self-Paced Online Modules + Virtual Instructor-Led Coaching 
Lean Fundamentals: Self-paced Online Course
New to lean or just need a refresher?  This course covers topics such as waste, stability, standardization, 5S, flow, quality at the source, visual management.
LENGTH:  90 minutes
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
Lean Leadership: Self-paced Online Course

Based on the book PEOPLE, this interactive course will provide the skills you need to build, manage and sustain a lean culture.

LENGTH:  16 hours of online course work
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
Lean Leadership: Blended (Online and Virtual) Course
Prepare your team to build a lean culture and drive real business results with this engaging application-based approach to learning.
DATE:  Contact us, to schedule your group
FORMAT:  Online + virtual coaching
Español: Curso en línea Fundamentos de Lean
Español: Fundamentos de Lean (curso de internet tomado a su propio ritmo)
Aprenda los fundamentos y los principios de lean y cómo ver los desperdicios en su organización. 

Duración: 90 minutos
Estructura: curso de internet tomado a su propio ritmo
Fundamentos de Lean em linha auto-estimulados - Português
Novo para magra ou apenas precisa de uma atualização? Este curso aborda temas como o desperdício, estabilidade, padronização, 5S, fluxo, qualidade na fonte, gerenciamento visual.
COMPRIMENTO: 90 minutos
ESTRUTURA: Auto-passeado
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