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People: A Leader's Day-to-Day Guide to Building, Managing and Sustaining Lean Organizations In 15 easy-to-read-and-reference chapters, learn to successfully build a lean culture.
AUTHORS: Robert Martichenko, Roger Pearce, Steve Gran and Walt Miller
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Building a lean problem-solving culture begins and ends with people and leadership. While many books teach about lean tools, few address the day-to-day leadership requirements of successfully transforming organizations into the lean enterprise. In 15 easy-to-read-and-reference chapters, People: A leader’s day-to-day guide to building, managing, and sustaining lean organizations, outlines the high-level concepts, activities, principles, and practices that a lean leader must know intimately and apply daily. 

This book was written with the sole purpose of fundamentally changing how you think and act relative to leadership.  A lean leader is an educator, trainer, coach, and mentor. The lean leader is always planning, sharing the plan, and executing the plan based on deep knowledge of his team members’ personalities, skills, and how the game is played. As a student and teacher, the lean leader understands the value of people.  We love the game, and the people who play it.

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