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Lean Fundamentals: Self-paced Online Course New to lean or just need a refresher?  This course covers topics such as waste, stability, standardization, 5S, flow, quality at the source, visual management.
LENGTH:  90 minutes
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
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COURSE CONTENT: 3 modules consisting of videos with real lean leaders applying the knowledge, a series of talk show segments, animated videos, interactions and learning exercises.  Each module is followed by a quiz to check your understanding of the learning.  Also included is a video guide to building your own lean roadmap along with a roadmap workbook.

RESOURCES:  Students will have full access to the site's resource page, which includes downloadable lean document templates as well as a digital copy of the book, Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in the First Grade.

Lesson 1:  Introduction to Lean

1.    Purpose of a business 
2.    Measures of success 
3.    Definition of lean 
4.    The lean enterprise system
5.    The history of lean 
6.    People, purpose & process
7.    The PDCA Cycle

Lesson 2:  Lean Thinking

1.    Delivering customer value
2.    The 3 types of processes
3.    The 8 wastes
4.    The river of waste
5.    Defining a problem
6.    Eliminating waste
7.    Root cause identification

Lesson 3: Lean Principles
1.    Stability
2.    Standardization
3.    Flow 
4.    Systems thinking
5.    Quality at the source
6.    Visual management & 5S
7.    Respect for people

Applied Learning

1.    Lean implementation guide: video and workbook

Click on the image below to watch the brief video.

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