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Lean Leadership: Self-paced Online Course

Based on the book PEOPLE, this interactive course will provide the skills you need to build, manage and sustain a lean culture.

LENGTH:  16 hours of online course work
STRUCTURE:  Self-paced
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Length:  16 hours of online course work
Structure:  Self-paced, anywhere at anytime
Enrollment:  16 weeks

Course Content:  13 learning modules each containing a combination of animated videos, application videos of real lean leaders, interactions, learning exercises and more!  Each module is followed by a knowledge assessment to check for your understanding of the learning

Resources:  Students will have full access to the site's Resources page which contains downloadable lean document templates, assessments and videos as well as a guide to building your own lean roadmap.  Each enrollment comes with a digital copy of the book, People: A leader's day-to-day guide to building, managing and sustaining lean organizations.

 "The Lean Leader course fills the ‘missing link’ within industry Lean training by concentrating on the importance of people and change management when entrenching lean in an organization. The course was the best online course I have taken by far in terms of mixed learning approaches and the professionalism placed into the material. " 

"I really enjoyed taking this course! I have taken other lean courses and the information provided is very theoretical and more 'old fashioned.' LeanCor teaches lean in a very simple and practical way with real life examples."