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Lean Six Sigma Logistics
The first book to apply Lean and Six Sigma to Logistics, it embodies the elimination of wastes through disciplined efforts to understand and reduce variation, while increasing speed and flow in the supply chain. 
Authors:  by Thomas J. Goldsby and Robert O. Martichenko

USD $45.00
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Lean Six Sigma Logistics focuses on Logistics Flow, Capability, and Discipline as the guiding principles for solving any logistics challenge.  Whether your supply chain is on the brink of disaster or good but striving to be the best, this book provides the essence for developing and implementing a successful logistics strategy.  

The book features the Logistics Bridge Model that can serve as the supply chain professional’s compass for strategic direction and map for operational improvement.  This book belongs on the bookshelves of all practitioners, executives, consultants, and academics of logistics and supply chain management.

This unique publication provides a method to develop strategies as well as tactical steps for successful operational implementation of Lean Six Sigma Logistics, a
ddresses top management concerns while providing necessary tools and guidance for the logistics practitioner, features the Logistics Bridge Model to serve as your compass and map for leveraging value, eliminating waste, and enhancing your abilities to view the supply chain with a critical eye and to develop a vision for continuous improvement and includes a case study that can be used to teach and coach employees or students.


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