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Lean Leadership: Blended (Online and Virtual) Course Prepare your team to build a lean culture and drive real business results with this engaging application-based approach to learning.
DATE:  Contact us, to schedule your group
FORMAT:  Online + virtual coaching
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LENGTH:  16 hours of online coursework + 8 hours of virtual group coaching = 24 hours

STRUCTURE:  Each week, for 9 consecutive weeks, students will complete two hours of coursework, one applied learning assignment and  attend a one-hour virtual coaching session.

CONTENT:  13 learning modules that contain a combination of animated videos, application videos of real lean leaders, learning exercises and more!  Each module is followed by a knowledge assessment to check for your understanding of the learning. Weekly applied learning assignments drive immediate results in the workplace.

RESOURCES:  Students have full access to the site's Resources page that contains downloadable lean templates, assessments and videos as well as a guide to building your own lean road map. Each enrollment comes with a digital copy of the book People: A leader's day-to-day guide to building, managing and sustaining lean organizations.

Each enrollment comes with a digital copy of the book, People: A leader's day-to-day guide to building,
managing and sustaining lean organizations
as well as a certificate of course completion and digital certificate badge.

Click here to download a detailed syllabus

 "The calls helped hold me accountable to study and do the work every week knowing the group was going to be challenged on the homework content."

 "The Lean Leader course fills the ‘missing link’ within industry Lean training by concentrating on the importance of people and change management when entrenching lean in an organization. The course was the best online course I have taken by far in terms of mixed learning approaches and the professionalism placed into the material. "

 "The class was OUTSTANDING! The perfect balance of online learning, testimonials, group reflection, and applied learning assignments. I suggest that all of the organization from team leads to top management attend the training. This training helped me understand new ways to apply the concepts and see the total picture."

Purchase enrollments for 10+ learners, recieve 15% off the total.

Contact us at for discounted rates for private groups.